A embedded systems engineer from P.R.China, studying at Hangzhou Dianzi University.


I love collecting postmarks.

I love classical music.

I love coding.





落絮飞雁的个人网站: My personal blog, writing about algorithms and ACM problem solutions.

I published my first website when I was 7, and it's the best memorial for my childhood.

You can read my childhood diaries on my blog:-)


Postmark album

落絮飞雁的邮品收藏: My postmark album. I scanned my postmark and post it on the web.

It's a huge project. I collected thousands of postmarks and it will take lots of time on it. I'm still working.

I'll be appreciate if you can send me a postcard. You can get my address on postcrossing.



luoxufeiyan (LXFY)-Github: My github, contained my open-sourced projects.

You can find my embedded systems demo and ACM problem solutions on it.



落絮飞雁的指弹练习: My music album, uesd to post some piano&&guitar record and music score.

Unfortunately, I have no time to manage this site, so I stopped it and transfer my music score to my blog.

About me

Whom have I in heaven but thee?

and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.






Open-sourced project

This page is baesd on jquery and Portfolio.



rundherumummadum #2by Alexander Katz

jumpby Sandra Sachsenhauser

Lost (2015)by Paul Byrne

Mby Tarun Kottary